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"Doing" Grandparenting in Different Family Contexts

HASMANOVÁ MARHÁNKOVÁ, J. "Doing" Grandparenting in Different Family Contexts. Chicago, 2013.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: "Doing" Grandparenting in Different Family Contexts
Rok vydání: 2013
Autoři: PhDr. Jaroslava Hasmanová Marhánková Ph.D.
Abstrakt EN: Deep demographical shifts in European societies are significantly influencing the patterns of family life including the various forms of solidarity between generations. The process of population aging (accompanied by changes in family patterns and growing discussions about the positions of seniors in an aging society) poses new questions concerning the way grandparenthood is constructed and practised. This paper examines the patterns of grandparents' involvement in the current Czech family and the way their role in the process of management of care for young children is negotiated in the context of different family formations, life situations and seniors' life-styles. Based on in-depth interviews with 30 mothers and grandmothers living in different partnership situations it analyzes the process of negotiation concerning the management of care for young children. The paper stress the need to analyze family not just as a social unit but also as a process of "doing" where individuals are constantly evaluating who counts as family and what are their appropriate behaviors and obligations. This paper examines how the grandparent role and involvement is constructed in this process with respect to different family constellation (e.g. single mothers, divorced families, stepfamilies). It focuses on different patterns of "doing" family and on the role of the idea of biological tie, matrilineal or patrilineal lineage and life-style of grandparents in the ways mothers and grandmothers construct the subjective meanings of grandparent role and the management of care.
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