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The changing meanings of life-long learning

HASMANOVÁ MARHÁNKOVÁ, J. The changing meanings of life-long learning. Turín, 2010.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: The changing meanings of life-long learning
Rok vydání: 2010
Autoři: PhDr. Jaroslava Hasmanová Marhánková
Abstrakt CZ: Příspěvek ukazuje, že vzdělávání ve stáří má řadu významů nezávislých na trhu práce.
Abstrakt EN: The association of life-long learning (LLL) with the participation on the labour market (in the form of requalification or maintaining of a given qualification) make invisible other purposes of LLL. This paper is based on ethnographic study of two centres that offer life-long learning programmes and leisure-time activities only for seniors and 50 in-depth interviews with their clients (aged 62 and older). These activities constituted an important part of seniors narratives and the role they play in their lives also in many respects challenge the current conceptualization of LLL. The value of these activities for seniors does not lie in the content or benefit of the activities themselves. This study shows that life-long learning programmes are an important mechanism of time structuring and social ties forming for a special group of seniors. They ensure continuity with the previous working age and are a part of self-disciplinatory practices that surround the idea of active aging.
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